About Us

Reservedx is a Talent Management Agency representing a diverse team of event producers + marketing freelancers. With varied backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives, our freelancers leverage their expertise to support and execute for our agency clients across multiple platforms, to any scale and in any location globally.

Our mission is to connect agencies with our experienced freelancers on a project-to-project basis while simultaneously scoping out the best talent in our field to support future growth.

Currently, we have freelancers available within the following divisions: Event Production + Logistics, Project Leads, Brand Ambassador Programs, Sponsorship Agents, Public Relations, Custom Services.


Under Shantel’s meticulous leadership, Reservedx has managed to deliver first-rate service for an outstanding list of agencies and their brand accounts, such as CHANEL, Nike, and Beats by Dre (to name a few). In just five short years since its inception in 2014, Shantel’s one-woman-show has blossomed into an internationally viable agency providing quality services in event production, strategy development, talent management, brand ambassadorship and more.

Prompted by her own experience as an event production freelancer, Shantel identified a dearth of resources for independent professionals in the industry. She also recognized a major demand amongst agencies for reliable, reputable outsourced work. Acting as an advocate for both sides, Shantel founded Reservedx as a solution. With ambition and service as the cornerstone of her life and business, Shantel has built an efficient team of creatives ready to lend their expertise on a project-to-project basis.  All Reservedx team members match Shantel’s impeccable eye for detail, but still her pure passion keeps her involved on every level from securing new agency clients to getting her own hands dirty with project leadership and execution. Ultimately, Reservedx operates as an extension of the client, the invisible third hand devoted to bringing the larger picture into fruition. Whether that means a unique and memorable celebration, a branded event or collaboration, Shantel and Reservedx get it done.